Thursday, May 27, 2010


    Online Auctions, Shopping, Classified Ad, and Coupon website 
    Join and use it for free. FR*EE Affiliate program, inexpensive advertising packages. 

    All (FREE) registered members are also affiliates... Register today and get started. Once you register, login to your account and click on the "Member Login" under the "Affiliate Area" heading. There you will find your affiliate URL and tools for success! At Filibi, it will always be "YOU FIRST, us second."

Commissions are paid as follows:

You get paid (up to) 70% commissions for each and every month your referred subscriber pays...
(70% commissions are calculated after PayPal's or AlertPay's small processing fee).

 $5.00 per month
 $6.00 per month

 $10.00 per month
 $13.00 per month

*Please click on the post title to check it out or to join me on the site! If you receive an ad page, just click on Skip Ad in the upper right hand corner to get to the good stuff! Thank you for your support and friendship.

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